10 Quirky Things to do in Egypt

Exclusively Arabian at heart, Egypt is known for its pharaohs and pyramids. By far an Arabian country, its history dates back to the time of Pharaohs, which is considered to be the oldest one. As one enters the country, it feels like being a part of Arabian Nights with people dressed in traditional kaftans and head covers. For the people travelling to Egypt, the city opens its arms to welcome tourists and allowing them to explore the majestic place with some unusual things spread around.

1. Sand Boarding:

Skiing is obviously not possible in this country; so, it is better to take a better option like sand boarding. Slip through the scenic sand dunes of the desert on the board for a wonderful experience. For the people, who do not know the way; get assistance from experts to learn its tricks.

2. Wadi-Al-Hitan:

Quirky by nature and beautiful because of surroundings, the valley of whale skeletons called Wadi-Al-Hitan is definitely a place to check out. As a world heritage site by UNESCO and best Egypt trip, it is around one and half hour from Cairo and offers spectacular views of things made from skeletons.

3. Abu Simbel:

Experience the wilderness of King Ramses II temple that gets accustomed to lights on special Sun festival. Do check out the Egyptian painting carved on the walls depicting stories of legends. It is sure that the travelers will feel close to the world of Egyptian kings through this best Egypt trip.

4. Safari at South Sinai:

Simply unusual in sight because of the colored canyon, which seems to be nature’s magic, South Sinai is best to explore hidden valleys and quirky caves. In fact, it is nature’s best kept secrets around.

5. Blue Desert in South Sinai:

Check out the baby blue boulders at South Sinai desert area, which is definitely a unique thing to see. The tourists must not have seen such an unusual thing elsewhere.

6. Sufi Dance at Wikala El Ghuri:

One of the most original forms of dance found in Middle East is Sufi dancing that enthralls the visitors with its circular movements with flared dresses. It is a religiously significant dance form to exhibit communion with Almighty.

7. Great Pyramid of Giza:

Coming to Egypt and not visiting pyramids means that nothing original has been discovered. Indeed, the Pyramids of Giza are known to the oldest and largest pyramids in Egypt. It has been preserved in its original form for travelers to experience a different world.

8. Kite Surfing:

On visiting Egypt, doing kite surfing is something every interesting. The spot lies on Red Sea coast spreading from Marsa Alam to Matarma Bay. In fact, the trip to Egypt seems incomplete without this.

9. Valley of the Kings:

A rugged place in Egypt that signifies as the valley meant for kings of Egypt because their toms were built within a span of 500 years of their reign.

10. Luxor Temple:

Coming to Egypt and not visiting Luxor temple is surely not a justified decision. One of the largest and oldest temple complexes on the east bank of Nile River, the complex houses 6 great temples devoted to kings and pharaohs. Visiting Egypt can be a wonderful experience with prime assistance of an expert travel agent providing extensive knowledge on the things to do at this place.

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